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Agile software development

We can help you design and develop custom solution that suite your needs. We have in depth knowledge in distributed systems, microservices, cloud native applications and many more.

Software architecture

We have more than 15 years of experience in software development and architecture. We can help you design a new or assess an existing software architecture and help you find the most cost effective and efficient solution for your needs.

Cloud solutions

We will assist you in the development of cloud native applications that we can deploy and maintain for you. We'll also guide you through the migration process from a legacy to modern application.

Trasier integration

We'll help you integrate trasier into your system. We'll also react on your needs and adapt the platform accordingly.

trasier.com by oninit

Distributed Business Tracing Platform

About Trasier

Trasier (pronounced traycier) is a distributed business tracing platform that gives a quick insight into data exchanged by software services. Unlike a typical APM, Trasier focuses on business tracing and detects anomalies in business processes.

What is a business process? It depends on the use case. It may be a single request send from one system to another (trading platforms), or it may ba a complex multi step booking process that takes minutes or hours (booking a hotel, flight or train ticket including batch processing). In some cases it is a process that takes days to complete (shipment tracking systems).

Selected features

Distributed Business Process Tracing
Distributed tracing (latency measurement, service visualisation etc.) enriched by end to end transaction tracing (with message payload) from session start to session end across multiple microservices.
Automatic anomaly detection
Efficient processing pipeline detects anomalies in business processes on the fly (incorrect data printed on tickets, slower response times, no sales of a certain product in a given time period etc.).
Full insights into message exchange
No payload logging needed. All payloads are automatically associated to business transactions and can be easily analysed at any point of time.
and many more...

Visit trasier.com to find out more.

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